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Alro-Beech Grove, Indiana

Construction began in March of 2015 on a 38,000 square foot warehouse expansion of Alro Steel’s existing facility, increasing the total warehouse area to 250,000 square feet. The addition consists of a pre engineered steel structure supported on a reinforced concrete foundation. The exterior walls of the addition use an 8’ tall strip of decorative industrial resistant masonry below panel rib metal siding. The warehouse addition was designed for full 20 ton overhead crane coverage. The exterior site and associated pavement was designed to facilitate operations for trucks and forklifts. Careful planning and sequencing was required to keep the interface between the existing and new buildings watertight during construction. O’Harrow is coordinating activities with Alro Steel to minimize the impact of construction on Alro’s normal business activities. The project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2015.

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Alro-Tulsa, Oklahoma

Construction of this 81,000 square foot state of the art complex for Alro Steel began in April of 2015. The new facility consists of warehouse and office space and is located on a 14 acre parcel of land within the city limits of Tulsa. The site, utilities, and building are designed to meet the owner’s current needs with provisions for future expansion. The warehouse area consists of high bays with an eave height of 44’. The warehouse was designed for full overhead crane coverage (10 tons or 20 tons). Design of the foundation for the building includes special sub base material to address expansive soils. Exterior walls of the building utilize a combination of decorative metal and prestressed concrete insulated sandwich panels. During the design phase of the project, O’Harrow Construction coordinated efforts between the pre engineered building manufacturer and the prestressed concrete wall manufacturer to optimize the design and the construction sequence. The estimated completion date for this project is spring of 2016.

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Alro Grand Opening of New Pennsylvania Plant

Marvin Swanson, Past President and George Kittle, Vice President of Operations attended the Grand Opening of a new Alro Steel Corporation Steel Services Center in Imperial, Pennsylvania on June 6, 2013. This 100,000 square foot “State of the Art” facility was designed and built by O’Harrow Construction in 2011-2012. The new service center consists of a high eave prefabricated metal building skeleton with prestressed concrete exterior walls (with custom graphics) and includes warehouse space, mezzanine floor, 20 ton overhead cranes, truck drive-through areas, office space, and locker rooms. The foundation and steel framing for the new structure includes features that allow for streamlined future expansion of the facility. Unsuitable soils adjacent to the new building were excavated and replaced with suitable material. Economies of scale applied to earthwork operations during the initial construction will reduce costs and construction time for the owner when the facility is expanded in the future. Prior to design, O’Harrow Construction assisted the owner with the “due diligence” process for selecting the site. During the design and construction phases, O’Harrow coordinated with the applicable governmental agencies to achieve proper approvals from project start through obtaining occupancy. Alro Steel Corporation is a nationwide Metals, Industrial Supplies, & Plastics Distributor        

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Chemetall’s Advanced Facility Opens in Blackman Township, Michigan

Chemetall, a chemicals manufacturer based in the US, has cut the ribbon on a new manufacturing plant in Blackman Township, Michigan built by O’Harrow Construction Company.  O’Harrow engaged many local companies to work on this project which encompasses an area of 200,000 square feet. O’Harrow broke ground for construction in May 2011 and came online with the project  in October 2012. The new facility will enable the company to develop up to 1,000 products for use in surface treatment in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, steel. aluminum and furniture. Location of New Chemetall Facility The plant is located at Blackman Charter Township of Jackson County in the state of Michigan. It falls within the SmartZone territory which is spread over 40 acres.  The selection of the site was motivated by the availability of a local work force and the encouragement and support of local and Michigan government and economic development agencies. The construction phase of the project provided about 200 construction jobs and the plant currently employs about 80 people. Facility Details The advanced facility provides space for  administrative, manufacturing and warehousing operations. The facility also has a laboratory to carry out physical testing. Certain equipment, such as bulk material-handling systems, bulk mixing vessels and bulk packaging lines, introduced at the production site will enable the plant to increase its production capacity and enhance the quality of the products made there. The production site also features a semi-automated waste treatment system. The treatment facility is expected to reduce the amount of process wastewater at the manufacturing site by up to 90%. Technology at Chemetall’s Michigan facility The various metal pretreatment process units present at the technical laboratory are a dipping plant, a spraying plant, a combination of dipping and spraying plant and a roll coater. Similarly, the coldforming…

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