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Chemetall’s Advanced Facility Opens in Blackman Township, Michigan

Chemetall, a chemicals manufacturer based in the US, has cut the ribbon on a new manufacturing plant in Blackman Township, Michigan built by O’Harrow Construction Company.  O’Harrow engaged many local companies to work on this project which encompasses an area of 200,000 square feet. O’Harrow broke ground for construction in May 2011 and came online with the project  in October 2012. The new facility will enable the company to develop up to 1,000 products for use in surface treatment in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, steel. aluminum and furniture. Location of New Chemetall Facility The plant is located at Blackman Charter Township of Jackson County in the state of Michigan. It falls within the SmartZone territory which is spread over 40 acres.  The selection of the site was motivated by the availability of a local work force and the encouragement and support of local and Michigan government and economic development agencies. The construction phase of the project provided about 200 construction jobs and the plant currently employs about 80 people. Facility Details The advanced facility provides space for  administrative, manufacturing and warehousing operations. The facility also has a laboratory to carry out physical testing. Certain equipment, such as bulk material-handling systems, bulk mixing vessels and bulk packaging lines, introduced at the production site will enable the plant to increase its production capacity and enhance the quality of the products made there. The production site also features a semi-automated waste treatment system. The treatment facility is expected to reduce the amount of process wastewater at the manufacturing site by up to 90%. Technology at Chemetall’s Michigan facility The various metal pretreatment process units present at the technical laboratory are a dipping plant, a spraying plant, a combination of dipping and spraying plant and a roll coater. Similarly, the coldforming…

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